About Us

  Established at 2008, We Huachuang is a professional Manufacturer who only focus on design, research and development, manufacture and sale of USB-C HUB. From the first day ofestablishment, we have given priority to quality and safety. As ISO 9001-2000certificated factory, our products are compliant with many international standards like CE, FCC,  ROHS,REACH and CCC. What’s more, we always pay great attention to innovation、all items designed and producted by ourselves, Most of them are got patents in China,Some of them are got patents in Europe and US too.

  Thanks to strong ability of development, sufficient production capacity and strict quality policy, our products have gained  global reputation for the excellent design and perfect performance. They are being used      inmany countries d area, such as the USA,Finland,UAE, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany, HK, UK, France, and Spain. We are providing OEM and ODM products to worldwide famous companies athome and   abroad, such as HP, Vivanco, Kobian, Promote, Vertex, Macher, Strax, and Gerth Gmbh.


  Company Advantages


1. Patents

All items are designed by ourselves, most of them are gotpatents in China,some of them are got patents in Europe and USA.

2. Certification

All items are according to standard of CE/FCC/ROHS/REACH, most of themhave got these certificates yet.

3. Nice workmanship

(same as Apple shell, most of suppliers are with 120’ printing but our with 180’ printing) as well as some small good particular(for example: all ports are with smoothly dispose).

4. Stable Quality

very good circuit design which make the quality very stable (most of HUB in the market are still with hot issues, incompatibility issues, and WiFi interference issues but our products are solved this problem yet.